Sunday, April 10, 2011

Japan has made me think.....

I was sitting in Christchurch watching the events unfold in Japan in disbelief.....thinking what is going on in the world?!.
Then as the days rolled on, or maybe that should be rattled on! and the situation with the nuclear power plant became headline news, it made me realise something important.
the issues with that power plant must serve as an important lesson for governments and peoples to look into alternative ways of generating power or reducing their reliance on powered items altogether.
i dont believe that my greed for power should put the lives of others at risk. i need to think about what i consume and reduce my reliance on powered goods. i also know now, more than ever that once i am able to, i want solar panels on my home to generate my own power.
I would ask everyone who read this to think about their power consumption. Do we want nuclear power plants in our communitites?. I sure as hell dont!.
maybe i'm over reacting, maybe not, but its time to think!.

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