Friday, April 22, 2011

two 4day weekends back to back.....

today marks the beginning of a marathon 8 day allotment sort out and tidy up. each day i'm planning on spending 2 hours at the plot, getting beds ready, planting out, cutting grass and generally getting on top of the mess from last year!.
i'm off shortly to plant the potatoes, and will take the camera and take some before, during and after photos!. i'm hoping by monday the 2nd of May, the plot will be looking vastly better!.
watch this space!

other things i want to accomplish these 2 weekends are a clean and tidy bedroom, cleaned house, baking ANZAC biscuits and another try of Aunty Julies fudge, mowed back lawn, menu plan for May, finish the current book and learn to crochet a simple square!. plus some tv watching and general vege'ing about.

think i'll be knackered after all of that!!.

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