Saturday, April 23, 2011

day one done....

planted 2 rows of spuds and cut more grass so the mower will mow better. that was it for the allotment. I got there far later in the morning than i wanted, due to doing some work and then a phone call from NZ. so i had to take it easy in the heat and much to do to get heat or sun stroke!.
Came home and baked ANZAC biscuits and made up a batch of Aunty Julies fudge, but this batch isnt right either....the first batch was to dry and the cocoa used was out of date and have no chocolatey taste. this batch it to wet as i didnt crush up enough biscuits!. one day i will get it right!.
Vacuumed the 1st floor and cleaned the bathroom, cooked toad in the hole for dinner and then set about mowning the lawn in the evening....'cept it was a little to late in the evening and we had to keep turning on the motion sensor light to see where to go. the grass was so long so we've had to do it in two stages. last night i cut it without a covered in grass in the process, but it was the only way to stop blocking the blades constantly. today i'll rake up some of the grass then re mow it with the catcher on, to collect the rest and make it look tidier.

today on the plot will be more spud planting and grass cutting, plus i want to start weeding round some of the raspberries.
my tulips are all in flower and to far gone to cut and bring home sadly, but have taken some photos of them!.
best get a move on!!.

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