Sunday, March 18, 2012

25 Squares

Well, i am up to 25 squares for my blanket, and after laying it out to photograph, i've decided that i need another 5, before i can start the joining up. I have an idea for the joining, but more research is needed ( read - surfing Raverly and Pinterest!!).


Margaret Feist said...

Looking good!

Only 5 more, and only joining together, keep saying it slowly and it will happen!

M xxx

Cris Angsten said...

Ohhh, those are beautiful! I've never done Granny Squares, but I'm told you just take a fat needle and whip stitch them together. From what I have seen, it's pretty simple - but I've always wondered why not just crochet them together with a double stitch?

Megan said...

Hi there, the Yh&G issue that cute house and cottage is in is the April 2012 issue. Loads of awesome houses in there! Thanks for your comment, and your granny square look fab!