Saturday, March 24, 2012

spring on the 'allotment'

I realised this morning, this year is the first time in about 4 years where i dont have seedlings starting in pots in every south facing window :-(. I decided that since it is a beautiful morning i would attend to my patio allotment!. the squirrels have destroyed 2 of my blueberries, trying to bury their nuts, and the slugs have finished off the leeks....i think i got one meal of the 2 pots!. so i emptied the soil out of the leek pots, holding some back to fill in where the squirrels have tried to dig in the boysenberry and raspberries. I have tempted fate and repotted the remaining blueberry into a larger pot....something i was meant to do when i potted up the 2 smaller ones last year, and forgot my plan until it was too late!. its probably the wrong time of the year to repot, given it has spring growth on it, but it will get pot bound if it stays where it is, and i dont yet know if i will have outside space in my next place or not, so if it doesnt survive, it wont be the end of the world. all the raspberries, boysenberries and blackcurrent have sprung into life and seem quite happy in their pots for the moment. i've given them all a bit of FBB and a good drink, they get a good dose of sun where they are, and are thriving....hopefully i might get a few berries....again, if i have somewhere to keep them come the end of May.
above right to left.....a black pot of soil!, 4 raspberries, the blueberry in the front in the tray, the blackcurrant is behind that and the boysenberry is hidden at the back.
the boysenberry springing to life!.

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Margaret Feist said...

It's a pity you don't live close by, DWG has had a surplus of fennel and celariac plants, I'm sure you could have found a pot or two to grow a few in!