Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2nd Pinterest make!.

I was happily pinning away on pinterest when i came across a recipe for a Chocolate Sour Cream Cake. mmmmm, i thought!. my 'coffee cake' has sour cream in it and makes a beautiful cake - the words are in ' ' because there is no coffee in the coffee cake....its a term the Americans use for cakes they eat with coffee apparently!. So i whipped up the cake....a very easy cake to make, however i hit a small road block....i didnt have enough sour cream!. i decided to carry on and see how it turned out. it needed more time in my oven than what was stated on the recipe, and i'm sure my oven is ok, as other things cook within the required time. because it needed longer there is a slight burnt cake smell wafting through the house!. the taste....well....it tastes ok, however, i dont know that i would say it's the best chocolate cake i've ever had, like some of the reviews said. i also havent iced it, and probably wont.....cuts the calories somewhat!!. it is lovely and moist in the middle( and yes it's cooked!!)...the outside edges are a tad crispy from the extra time in the oven!. so all in all, about a 7.5/10!. excuse the flash in one of the piccies....but it gives a good indication of the cross section.
tell you what though.....a website full of chocolate recipes.....will add that to the list of websites to waste time in!!.


Margaret Feist said...

I got all interested in what I thought was going to be a chocolateless chocolate cake, but no it wasn't like your coffeeless coffee cake! So I will not be getting excited as chocolate is not on the list for us, but coffee is!

Having waffled about c-less cakes of different makes I will say this, it looks good xxxx

ally said...

I lose hours on pinterest lol