Sunday, March 11, 2012

new treasures!.

Today i took a bus ride or 2 to an antiques fair in Potters Bar. I've been to it a few times now, and usually manage to come home with something!. Today was no different. I managed to get home on the bus without breaking a platter, vase, soup spoons and 2 Wade elephants!. Since i had brought the vase, i decided i needed some spring flowers to go in them, so went to the supermarket on the way home and got some favourite spring flower.'n'tell time...
also, here is a full length picture of the crocheted birdhouse i brought a couple of weeks ago


Margaret Feist said...

My Mum loved Tulips too, I always think of her when I see them <3

I love the little elephants and that blue and white dish is gorgeous.

I think you got a lovely selection with the spoons and vase too!

Fleur Cotton said...

That little birdhouse is very beautiful, I'd rather have that hanging up to look at than my dressing gown!

Fleur xx