Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Childhood Memory remembered......

yesterday i had one of those moments where you see something and it brings back a memory from your childhood that you had long forgotten.
I have met an airline pilot and am at the beginnings of a potential relationship with him. thats the good news....the bad news is he's based in Singapore and only comes to the UK once every 4-6wks!.
Anyway, back to my memory......he was here in the UK for 48hrs, leaving yesterday afternoon. As he was getting into his the mucky business people!.....i was looking at his hat lying on the table and suddenly remembered as a child when we used to drop dad (also a pilot) off or pick him up from the airport, i used to carry his hat. So i told the captain my memory and he let me carry his hat down to reception!!. twas a small thing, but such a strong memory. In the lift down the captain told me i could carry his hat anytime!.

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MWG said...

Memories are precious Rachel, and I hope this man becomes just as precious and you to him!

I have said it so many times - you are one very special lady - and you deserve something fantastic.

Let memories become the first stepping stone to a wonderful relationship.