Monday, November 23, 2009

Skype, and JYC.

WOW!!, so i'd heard people talk about Skype but hadnt investigated it before meeting the Captain. Yesterday i decided to try phoning someones landline thru Skype and it was fantastic....once you get over the fact you're talking to your computer screen!. I rung both my girlfriends in NZ, spoke for about an hour in total and spent the princly sum of £0.80!!!. i'll be phoning everywhere now!!.

I was talking to the Captain (on Skype!!), and telling him about my JYC class and album, and he asked if he was going to feature in it!. thats a huge dilemma.....i want to put him in, but if it all goes tits up in the new year, then i dont want an album full of those memories!. however if this is something thats gonna last the distance, i do want to record our first Christmas together......arrrggghhhhh!!!. i dont know what to do!.

one more wee moan....i love my new laptop its great blah blah blah, but i'm beginning to get a touch p'd off at the odd missed letter when i'm typing...surely i'm not typing to fast for you lappy???


MWG said...

Whether or not a relationship lasts, or whether or not it snows, you get falling down drunk etc etc etc, what happens happens. You can only journal the facts, the people, what you do, how you feel. None of that changes later because of the circumstances! So if you see someone, journal it. If you love someone passionately, journal it. You eat Christmas pudding till you look like it, journal it. Then your gorgeous little book will be an accurate and beautiful memory to treasure xxxxxxxxxx

ally said...

well said MWG x