Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Twas the old 42nd birthday today!!. I got spoilt by my family and friends and the captain rung from the cockpit to wish me happy b/day...which he sung to me!. needless to say i'm acting like a silly schoolgirl!!. the scrapmates are finding it all very funny!. doesnt happen to me often!.

this evening i took LM to her first live fireworks display!. right as they were about to start she decides she wants the loo!!. bless the wee girl...she hung on for about 15mins so she could watch up close!. i took a heap of pics on the firework setting on my camera, and tbh, they have all come out rubbish....i guess you need a tripod or something for it, cos they are just about all blurry!. sadly i didnt have time to take any on auto!. heres a couple that aren't to bad!.

1 comment:

MWG said...

Happy birthday Rachel, albeit a belated one.

Sounds as if you had a blast. Fantastic. And an elevated song too!

Remember your age is just a number, it is what you feel and do that counts xxx