Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm going to be in a book.....

Last year sometime i was contacted about having my photo from here, along with some words i said on this blog,feature in a book about human emotion. well this book is going to be published next month and i cant wait to see it.
if you want a sneak peek at it, its here on amazon.
i'll do more of a post about once i get my copy!

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MWG said...

Wow Rachel, now to be seen in print! I am sure that whatever it was they have used will be outstanding. I know when Robin died you gave me a quote that was so pertinent and apt that I used it on a layout I did. It meant a lot to Mum and she cherished the words and the layout until her death. I have now given the album to my aunt (Mum's sister and Robin's aunt)who was very close to Robin when he was growing up.

I hope that others will now have the opportunity to share some of your generous thoughts and wisdom.