Sunday, November 15, 2009

Quick trip to the Allotment!.

It's been blowing a gale here over the last 36hrs or so, and yesterday as i was driving i suddenly thought sh*t, the shed roof!!. when Jim and i put the shed up, we didnt finished off the roof properly because i had thought at the time i would replace the MDF as well as the roofing felt. however over time the roof has held its own, so i just got some felt and Jim and i cut it to size, put it on the roof and secured it with a load of bricks....and thats the way its stayed for the last few months!. This morning dawned clear and calm so i popped up to the lottie and see my shed still standing with is roof firmly in place......phew!!. Jim popped out and said all he'd had to do was put back 2 bricks that had slid down!. I'm thrilled, cos i have very little time at the moment to sort the roof, and so if it survived this onslaught, it'll survive the winter pretty much!.
While i was there i harvested a pot of carrots and one leek for tonights leek and cheese risotto!.

In other news, i have made the carcass of this years JYC using MM's Mistletoe range, with a few extra pages from Hambly, and Basic Grey. now i need to think how i'm going to hold it thought of the BIA is a bit iffy, cos it's already to thick!. I went and got my BIA and cropadile out of storage yesterday which will help with this project. i'll take some piccies soon to share.

I have discovered skype....the Captain and i have both downloaded it into our laptops and are aiming to use it while he's in foreign cities to minimise mobile usage and huge bills!. it works a treat....yesterday i have 2 video chats with him....him being in the lobby of a swank hotel in Moscow! he comes here next weekend for a few days, and i'm going to pick him up from Heathrow and take him to his mums, where we're both going to stay for a few days......something that excites and scares me in equal measures!!.

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MWG said...

The veggies look perfection Rachel, and huge sighs of relief that the roof is intact! My friend at school did not fare so well, they lost the guttering and soffit boards along two sides of their home plus numerous tiles - ouch!

Three cheers for Skype and fingers crossed and many a prayer offered up for a good meeting with ma ma! You'll wow her darlin' what is there not to love? We all think you are one very special lady so why shouldn't she?

Good luch huni bun xxx