Saturday, November 21, 2009


The Captain was going to come to the UK today for a few days between flights. Sadly he couldnt get on any flights out of Singapore today, and therefore it isnt worth him coming now. I cant believe how gutted i feel at the moment. I had told myself to keep calm til i knew he was actually on a plane, but still the news that he isnt coming has really knocked me. I guess that means theres some feelings lurking in there somewhere!. Also i guess i have to get used to this cos he'll always come standby when he isnt working or on leave.
the small bright note is he'll be here for a month in 2.5wks time.

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MWG said...

Oh Rachel I am disappointed too. You always knew that something worth having was worth waiting for. You have waited a long time for someone really special, I am so hoping this is the one worth waiting for. Love and hugs and 17 or so days will pass quickly and make the seeing him again really really worth while!